Madaster Foundation has a partnership agreement with Madaster Services (a group of legal entities active in multiple countries). This agreement arranges the alignment of social impact objectives and the supervisory relationship between both partners. 

The foundation supervises the Madaster Services activities along three ‘key performance indicators’:

  1. Financial stability: Madaster Services needs to ensure financial stability to develop and support a) functional and geographical development of the platform and b) availability of data to support the circular economy.
  2. Service delivery: Madaster Services needs to ensure availability of the data platform according to predefined Service Level Agreements.
  3. Corporate compliance: Madaster Services needs to ensure compliance with its corporate compliance policy. 

The yearly supervision reporting process, results and measurements are transparent and reported on this website. 

Madaster Foundation is owner of the Madaster registered trademarks. All data uploaded, saved or shared by users of the Madaster platform remain the exclusive property of the relevant users. All aggregated (anonymized) user data, including statistical insights on the level of a country, province, city or even smaller predefined area is called metadata. This metadata is and shall only be used by Madaster Services within the objectives as described in the partnership agreement.